Translating EN>SP/CA

Translating is the process of transcribing an original text from its first language into another language. It’s an important way we can communicate across cultural boundaries through writing.

I love learning new languages. It always fascinated me how different cultures communicate in such a diverse number of ways. I am proud of the fact that I can communicate with people whose mother-tongue is different than my own.

Proofreading EN>SP/CA

Proofreading is the last revision of a publication in which one must show precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. Only a good knowledge of the language can help you.

Editing EN>SP/CA

Editing means to prepare written, visual, audible and film media material for publication or presentation and can involve many things such as correcting, revising or adapting.

Interpreting EN>SP/CA

Interpreting is an oral communication, either simultaneously or consecutively. In my opinion, it is the most difficult “type of translation”. You must almost be a native speaker in two different languages to be able to transmit communications instantly to either side.

Copywriting EN>SP/CA

Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. It helps to be a little witty and creative!

Even that I specialized in Legal Translation while studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, I feel comfortable translating any kind of document. Taking new challenges is one of my passions.  

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