My name is Brenda and I am a freelance translator. I translate any kind of document but I specialized in legal material as I studied Law years ago. Currently studying a audiovisual translation with some on-line courses.

Originally from Barcelona and born in 1983, I am a very curious and enthusiastic women. Always thinking about self-improvement and happiness, what brought me to study many different things as well as traveling and living in several places around the world.

In 2001 I studied Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After some years of traveling and moving, I decided to come back to Barcelona and start Translation studies. I studied Translation and Interpreting Bachelor (EN-JP/JP-EN), and later on I specialized in Legal Translation.

Always very concerned about the inequalities in the world, I have done different volunteer jobs at some NGOs. I have been always interested in International Law and still nowadays I am. I would love to be employed by an International Organization or NGO and translate legal documents.

While keeping me updated in different languages that I am still learning —French, Japanese and Thai —, I also teach Spanish to different age level students. I enjoy teaching very much. Students are always fun and challenging.

I believe that in life there is time to do anything you want. But simply, don’t wait for tomorrow, just do it now!

Curriculum Vitae

Martínez Reyes, Brenda
Telephone +66 0855254148
Nationality Spanish

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